Buying carpets directly from the manufacturing units comes with endless unseen complications, some you’re already familiar with and some that still awaits your worried expectations.

Our motto is “Commitment to Excellence”. Here are 7 ways how you can benefit working with Carpetsmart.

Quality Assurance
By choosing to work with Carpetsmart, you are appointing a team of experts at source to check on everything about your order, right from the paperwork process until the carpet is delivered. Ensuring absolute transparency and superior quality satisfaction, Carpetsmart offers free carpet sample for every order placed ruling out all concerns of color matching, quality of the wool and silk etc. The production of every single carpet initiates only after your approval of the sample (*conditions apply).


Delay Prevention
Carpetsmart specializes in dealing with delays in production, one of the major setbacks of Nepal carpet industry. Through years of experience, trials and errors it has been vividly understood that delays can be best dealt with efficient systems and effective management practices. Our experienced loom inspectors provide routine updates directly from the weaving units, thus quality issues and/or potential delays of any sort are attended to immediately to avoid any possible disappointments.


We Speak Both Languages
Quality production demands lucid communication skills and with years of experience, we’ve successfully developed a concrete system to process your order data into a language the local weavers can understand and execute. Proactive free consultation services to the factory on how best to manage looms and other productional aspects help them excel and further prevent errors and delays. Communication is the key towards finding that perfect sync between you and the manufacturers. Our forte is communication; we answer all questions, be it yours or the manufacturing unit’s; period.


Design Solutions
Substandard designing has always raised serious issues of clientele loss in the market.  Every rendering at Carpetsmart is systemized to pass through various analytics and different levels of examination before it’s sent for approval to you and also before it’s sent for production.


Cost Effective
Faster delivery, fewer rejections, cut down on travels results in ‘Savings’. Let Carpetsmart do the work for you so that you don’t have to catch that next flight to Nepal worrying about your carpet’s color, quality, size or shipment.

Besides a very efficient worry-free buying platform, we offer the most modest pricing in the industry. Since, by doing what we do, we are not only serving you, but also the factory, a portion of our administrative expenses is covered by the factory so that you don’t have to take on the full load of paying for our services.


Call us your Producer or a Quality Control partner.

We can become your producer and manufacture your carpets as per your requirements or....you may choose to continuing working with the factory of your choice, while partnering with us to have your carpet’s quality, color and status checked during production and before they are shipped.


The Extra Mile
As they say, “A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”
Any time we receive a direct inquiry from an end buyer, we will direct them to you so that they can transact with us thru you. Thus, helping you generate a sale. This service is based on dealer credibility, location and accessibility.


Thank you for taking the time to read “Why Carpetsmart”. We look forward to our partnership and working together for mutual benefits.


*free sample offer not available to customers availing third party quality control services only.