A wholesaler in the handmade carpet business is always faced with this challenge of communicating with a supplier with a linguistically and culturally diverse background. Due to the absence of trained Client Services professionals, more often than not, their order requirements are misinterpreted and their inquiries go unattended for days.

Problems and delays in carpet production are not reported on time, which causes frustration and discontentment to the wholesalers and eventually to their customers.

While some of you choose to take a quick trip to the factory (wasting a lot of your precious time and money) to check the carpets for quality and color accuracy, the rest end up receiving carpets that are contrary to their expectations.

As a production management and consulting firm, we offer a comprehensive solution program for all your problems.

Being based in Kathmandu, we work very closely with the carpet factories to prevent errors and delays in production.

By choosing to work with us, you can avail the following benefits.

·      Cost savings

·      Quality assurance

·      Faster/on-time delivery

·      Friendly, professional and proactive customer support

You may choose to continue working with the factory of your choice or have us undertake the full responsibility of your carpet production. We will work as a liaison between you and the factory and ensure that every single carpet that leaves the factory is in the best condition.

Think of us as your partner who works at the production source to help your business grow. Try us out and see how our skilled and experienced staff can help you save costs and add value to your business.

Please do go thru the “Why Carpetsmart” page to understand how your business can benefit by choosing to work with Carpetsmart.

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