While we are very cautious and vigilant that no child labor is used during the production of any of the carpets traded thru Carpetsmart, however not all factories that we work with are members of Goodweave and so, Goodweave label may not be available for some of the items. If you need to ensure that the carpet you are buying has the Goodweave certification, please look out for the Goodweave information in the product specifications before making your purchase.

The prices for all full size carpets are inclusive of a sample. However, if you wish to place an order for a sample only, please inquire at info@carpetsmart.com.np for the prevailing rates for samples.

Likewise, if you wish to receive a sample in a different size other than the standard 18”x18” size (as a complimentary to your full size carpet), please specify your preferred size at the time of order placement. Additional charges for size change may apply.

The production time of a carpet depends on the following variables.

  • Size of the carpet
  • Quality of the carpet
  • Design complexity
  • Custom shape/sizing requirements

A moderately complex design in a 100-knot quality, 8’x10’ size can take up to 3 months. If you are working on projects with shorter deadlines, we can always expedite the delivery by applying overtime weaving and finishing.

The Carpetsmart website offers a very user-friendly interface to make your order processing experience hassle-free.

You can place orders for

  • Custom carpet
  • Program carpet (with or without modification)
  • Ready-to-ship carpet

If you wish to place a ‘custom order’, simply click on the image “Place Custom Order” on the home page and fill out and submit the form that follows. We will get back to you with the expected carpet ready date within the next business day.

Likewise, if you want to place an order for a program carpet or a carpet that is ‘ready to ship’, please simply fill out the form that follows after you click the “Place Order” button in the product page. Submit the form after you have entered all relevant information about your order.

A copy of your purchase information will be e-mailed to your inbox and our Sales Representative will get in touch with you within the next business day.

If you still face any difficulty using the built-in forms, please e-mail us your order details at info@carpetsmart.com.np and we will get back to you promptly.

Yes, absolutely. We specialize in custom work. We can, not only assist you with the design work, but also advise you on how best to keep the costs at minimum and tweak things around to speed up the weaving (and therefore delivery).

Please feel free to submit us your artwork or pick a design from our existing collection and modify as per your requirements.

First things first, we always make sure to provide you with enough materials (samples, poms, renderings, photos of finished carpet etc.) and information about your carpet order before the carpet is shipped to you. So, the chances of you not liking the carpet are extremely rare.

However, in the event, you are not satisfied with the outcome of the product, we would be happy to remake the carpet for you once you have returned the original carpet back to us.

You will not be charged for the remake carpet, however the shipping costs for returning the rejected piece back to us and the freight charges for sending the new carpet to you will have to be borne by you.

A lot of work goes into creating renderings. In order to ensure that the benefits of the hard-work that we have already put into a design is not reaped by a third party and that the order based on our work is not passed on to a different vendor, we apply a non-refundable cover charge for the rendering work. However, this cover charge will be considered a deposit against the eventual order and will be waived off/adjusted during the final invoicing of the carpet.

The primary objective of Carpetsmart is to keep the cost very low so that the carpets can be made available to you at affordable prices. It has endorsed a special agreement with the factories, wherein the factories absorb some of the overhead cost for Carpetsmart in return for the services it provides to them. In order to keep the business sustainable, we apply a small upcharge on the factory price to cover the administrative expenses. The price quoted on each item is inclusive of Carpetsmart fees.